Company History



1952 Anton Schwaiger Senior, starts running trips with one VW bus.
1959 Rudi Schwaiger Senior, joins also with a VW bus.
1963 Anton Schwaiger Junior joins the company.   
1964 First visit to St Bartmolomei church by driving a bus across the frozen lake Konigssee.  
1965 First of many more to come full size buses purchased. 

1968 Garage built on Vorbeg St.  
1970 Office established by Bodner.  
1979 Fleet expands to 5 busses  
1988 Garage built on Brandweg in Schönau am Königssee


Office and apartment established on Brandweg St.

2005 Rudi Schwaiger Junior takes over day to day running of the company. 

2007 Fleet now expanded to 14 buses and vehicles.




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